Videography by Curtis Gibson / Assistant Adam Lawson / Models Aminah Hamzaoui, Sabrina Natel, Nisha Deshmukh, Heather Boldt, Rosie Cook, Jane Scotchbrook / HMU by Michelle Leandra / 2019


Dai is a performance fashion brand for womenswear. The brand is dynamic and breathes quality. I was tasked with leading the creative for this diverse video shoot from concept right through to execution, which included concept development, market research, casting, sourcing creatives, directing on set, styling, and post production editing. We filmed a series of 6 small trailers for a 1 minute video based around these very open conversations with various Dai women. The conversations were centred around the notion of going back in time to give your younger self advice - each woman reflects on what she might say to herself. The output was a very real and raw, reflection which aimed to ignite a sense of inspiration and thought in the viewer. The video and trailers were launched to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in 2019. The featured video highlights Dai’s commitment to diversity and is a part of our ongoing Dai’namic Woman campaign recognising and celebrating our customer, the modern career woman.